About Us

Hey I'm Nikohl, a busy wife and mum of 4.
I want Cotton Kitten to be a fun flirty with items of clothing that I love! 

I started Cotton Kitten with beachwear - kimonos etc but I bought them just before winter and that part of my business failed quite miserably :/
I then started buying beautiful dresses and coats.

My store is only new and very small, I do not have large buying power but what I have, I love and I hope you do too! 
Currently the sizings aren't very generous in the dresses but I can promise you I am on the hunt for beautiful curvy dresses I would want to wear too! (I am a busty size 16, so I feel ya!)

Thank you for being a part of Cotton Kitten.
Nikohl x


PLEASE NOTE Cotton Kitten is a fun name from my childhood, not all of our products are 100% Cotton.